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Ethnic House

Group and Individual Tours to Buryatia and Baikal Area

Ethnic House

It is a house, or "isba" in Russian, built in the 18 th century
without a single nail by the Old Believers!
Guided tour, folk and ethnic performance given by folk
music groups and Griddle cake and Scone Workshop.

Tour Duration approximately 4 hours
Groups of approximately 15 people
Approximately 2,000 rubles
Discounts for children, schoolchildren and students

10:00-10:15-Meeting outside the Baikal Plaza Hotel

10:15-11:15-Transfer to the village of Novaya Bryan, Zaigrayevo District

11:15-12:00- Guided tour across the village of Novaya Bryan

12:00-12:30- Guided tour of the Ethnic House

12:30-14:00- Lunch, folk performance and cooking workshop

14:00-14:15- Return trip to the city


What Is an Ethnic House?

This Ethnic House is in the old village of Novaya Bryan, which was founded by the Old Believers.
It is a six-walled house built of logs in the 18th century without a single nail. It is a place where the keepers of the Old Faith lived.
Old Believers' Utensils and Way of Life
The Old Believers built their houses for a full due. A house was built in such a way that not only
one generation could have lived in it in the truest sense of the word. For those people the house
was not only the place to spend the night, but something more important. It was a whole world
and its significance was really great. This house let the entire generation survive, give birth to
babies, bring them up and raise them, care for elders, preserve their authentic culture and hand
down their handicraft to a younger generation. Surprisingly, from 10 to 15 people lived in this
old-time house.
Russian Oven as the Heart of the House
You will see a true mud oven. It is the heart of the house. You will be invited to enjoy fresh
griddle cakes baked in it! If you like, you can take part in the griddle cake workshop! In addition,
it is something that brings us back to our childhood memories since lots of modern adults grew
up next to a Russian oven and everyone listened to Russian fairy tales, the Russian oven being
one of their characters.
Having visited the Ethnic House, you will be surprised by the fact how great was the role of the
oven in the life of the Slavs.
Every dish is made of natural ingredients produced in the local backyard.
Meat dishes, fish dishes, pasties, sour cream, curd cheese and summer fruits.
Griddle cake and scone workshops: how to make griddle cakes and scones in the Russian oven. Folk and Ethnic Performances featuring Old Believers and Cossacks!


What is included in the price of the tour?
Transfer: Ulan-Ude – village of Novaya Bryan – Ulan-Ude.
Services of a qualified guide for 2 excursions.
2 excursions according to the tour programme.
Griddle Cake Workshop: how to make griddle cakes in the Russian oven.

Are there fewer than 15 people in your group?
If there are fewer than 15 people in your group and you have a vehicle,
so you don't need any transfer, or there are other terms
that are different from the tour programme, please leave an application
on our site or call us to draft a tour of your own and to calculate
a suggested price for the tour according to your terms and requirements.
Price for children
The price for children, schoolchildren and children is 500 rubles.
Contact :

The Republic of Buryatia, the village of Novaya Bryan
+7 (3012) 560-825
skype: emelyanova-ev
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